Infinity Hair Fibers, Dark Brown, 30g



INSTANTLY GET THICKER LOOKING HAIR: Infinity Hair Fibers Dark Brown instantly helps cover up thinning hair or cover bald spots for those who suffer with hair loss
FOR BOTH WOMEN & MEN: Millions of people deal with a lack of confidence due to thinning hair. Our Dark Brown Hair Fibers will help you gain back that lost confidence and you will see why so many people rely on Crown Hair Fibers every day to conceal their thin hair.
APPLY IN SECONDS: Just sprinkle or using the I Infinity Hair Building Fibers on to the thinning areas of the head for instant coverage. This hair concealer lasts all day and takes just 30 seconds to apply! When you’re done simply wash it out with any shampoo!
ACCESSORIES: Use the Patented Infinity Hair Fiber Pump Applicator for direct control of the fibers. Use the Infinity Fiber Hold Locking Spray to Lock the hair loss concealing fibers in place.
KERATIN HAIR FIBERS: Our powder hair thickener is made of organic proteins which have a static electric charge which helps intertwine and bond with your own natural hair. Match your root color.

Infinity Hair FibersInfinity Fiber Locking SprayInfinity Pump ApplicatorInfinity Hair Vitamins
Infinity Hair FibersInfinity Fiber Locking SprayInfinity Pump ApplicatorInfinity Hair Vitamins
Used ForInfinity Hair Building Fibers for Women & Men is the 30 Second Solution to Conceal Thinning Hair or Balding Areas. The Colored Fibers blend undetectably into existing hair to give the appearance of Thicker, Fuller hair instantly.To lock the Infinity Hair Fibers in place until your next shampoo but also provide some shine to the fibers.Attaches to the top of the Infinity Hair Fiber Bottles for a direct and percision application of the hair fibers. Especially along the hairline or into a direct spot.Infinity Hair Vitamins help thicken and strengthen your hair the most natural way possible.
When To UseStep 1: Apply the Infinity Hair Fibers after you have completely stylied your hair.Step 2: Apply the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray after you have applied the Infinity Hair FibersTake one (1) capsule up to twice daily or as directed by a healthcare professional
Sizes Available4111