ThinkSafe Natural Toilet Cleaner Liquid, Eco friendly, Septic tank safe, Garden Bloom-500ml (double pack)



  1. atural & biodegradable plant based enzyme toilet cleaner, vegan compliant
  2. Safe for septic tank – protects beneficial septic tank bacteria.
  3. Use on western & Indian toilets, bio toilets and urinals. Gives toilets a fresh fragrance.
  4. Safe on hands - pH neutral, No hydrochloric acid, no bleach, no toxic fumes, non-corrosive.
  5. Regular use prevents hardwater & limescale stains, gives a sparkling shine.

The urban home is subjected to an average of 62 different toxic chemicals daily. We are exposed to phthalates in synthetic fragrances to pernicious fumes in toilet cleaners routinely. Toxic & corrosive ingredients in toilet bowl cleaners are known to cause severe eye, skin & respiratory irritation. These toxic chemicals when flushed down cause major destruction to the essential & beneficial bacteria in septic tanks. These beneficial bacteria are essential in breaking down fecal matter, absence of these lead to foul odour and overflowing of septic tanks.

In order to curb further damage, ThinkSafe has curated eco friendly, bio degradable natural cleaners for homes to build the idea of not just clean homes but safer & healthier ones.

Why use ThinkSafe Toilet cleaner?

1. Natural plant based enzyme formula, vegan compliant.
2. pH Neutral of 6 -7 when compared to human hand of 5.5 thus making it completely safe for human hands.
3. Regular use prevents build up of hardwater & limescale stains & also protects against germs.
4. Free of acids like hydrochloric acid, toxic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, bleach & is non-corrosive making it completely safe for use in septic tanks and all types of toilets.
5. Thick liquid formulation – Uses less per application making it economical for use.