Easy Ice Muscle Pain Relieving Cold/Hot pack


QUICK OVERVIEW : Cold / Hot Gel Packs with Belt. 
Pain Relieving Cold Hot Therapy Pack. 
Multipurpose usage. 

Easy ice cold/hot therapy pack is a huge improvement over other options based on blue gel packs. it provides long duration of cold and hot therapy. it gives cooling down to tissue level at constant temperature. The belt is unique, user is free to work while taking the treatment. Universal size elastic belt gives compression in area treated, resulting in faster recovery. Unlike other single pouch type gel packs, Easy Ice gel pack consist of multiple cells, It has double outer protection of plastic film plus fabric . The pack comes with two dry gel sheets each 25 x 18 cm . Hydrate the sheet once with warm water. Freeze for using cold or heat in microwave oven/ boiling water to use hot. Insert in belt. Position the cold /Hot sheet on area painful/injured, engage the belt. Detailed Instruction sheet comes with each Easy Ice packet. More details on website