Easy Ice Ankle Pain Relieving Cold Hot Therapy Pack With Belt-Blue_EIa514


QUICK OVERVIEW : Cold / Hot Gel Packs with Belt. 
Pain Relieving Cold Hot Therapy Pack. 
Multipurpose usage. 
Ankle pain. 

Easy Ice Cold/Hot pack is a major technological breakthrough. It gives longest duration of cold therapy at uniform lower temperature. The pack is multipurpose and adapts to using on multiple positions on body. Long lasting belt is universal size and unique. Use it hands free and work while taking the treatment. Elastic compression belt, results in faster recovery. Unlike other single pouch type gel packs, Easy Ice gel sheet consist of 12 smaller cells. It has double outer protection, two protection layers on each side front and back. The pack comes with two cold/hot gel sheet 25 x 18 cm each. One can be spare or use one for cold and second for hot use. Hydrate the sheet once only. Freeze for using cold or heat in microwave oven/ boiling water. Insert in belt. Position the cold /Hot sheet on area painful/injured, engage the belt. Detailed Instruction sheet comes with each Easy Ice packet. Easy Ice is the only manufacturer of this product and brand. Offers the latest developments directly to users only.