Monilon Tourniquets, 2-Pack Gen 3 Combat Emergency Military Army Tactical Tourniquets - Pre-Hospital Life Saving Equipment - Medical First Aid Application, Black



Brand Name: Monilon .
Package Size: 8.7” X 4” X 1.4”.
Weight: 135 Grams.
Color: Black .

First Aid Equipment for Life Saving: Necessary emergency item, ultra effective in blocking blood when camping, hunting, expedition, hiking and other outdoor activities.Easy to Use: Fast and easy to apply on your limbs with one hand, which could help control life-threatening bleeding rapidly.Portable: Small size design allows you to conveniently take along them in your bag or pocket.
Reusable: Easy to clean and could be used for many times. It must be a good investment to you.100% Quality Warranty: We offer a two-year quality assurance. The hassle free replacement is also guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, contact us for full refund with no condition.