USB Powered Far Infrared Portable Waist Electric Heating Pad Belt W/Graphene Fast Heating Film, 3 Temperature Settings, Perfect for The Back Abdominal Stomach Cramps Arthritic Pain Relief



Fast heating in seconds by newest, strongest, safest 4" x 6" Graphene heating films.
Graphene provides enough heat and pure far infrared radiation to relieve back abdominal stomach cramps arthritic Pain.
Far infrared radiation heat helps to promote better blood circulation, good for health. No electromagnetic radiation.
5V 2A USB powered by power bank / power adapter. It must be plugged in while using. (Power bank NOT included). Built in the power bank storage bag. 3 Temperature setting. Convenient and safe.
Flexible Adjustable Velcro Tape, 7.8''-47.2'' waistline, portable to walk around with the pad at home, office, flight, car, travel.

SkyGenius Waist heating pad delivers an outstanding heat therapy solution for Back Abdominal with updated fast heating carbon fiber elements --Graphene Heating Films. The deluxe heating films offers penetrating heat to relieve muscle ache of Back Abdominal, etc. It will fit your body snugly whether you are working, reading, relaxing or sleeping. No hesitation to pick a SkyGenius Waist Heating Pad and enjoy the relief to the back pain!


Safe&Portable: 5V 2A USB Powered

Heating material: Graphene heating film

Technical principle: The Graphene heating film produces pure far infrared light waves


1: Pls use 5V 2A USB Cable included , otherwise it won't get enough power supply & heat;

If overloaded(More than 5V 2 A), the service life of the product will be shortened.

2: Item will need to be plugged in while using(Power bank NOT included).


What's Graphene?

Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene".

Graphene is the newest, strongest and thinnest material. As a conductor of heat it outperforms all other known materials.