Dr. Maa Medical Oxygen Mask



Light weight design Perfect fit with high quality elastic strap. Supplied with 2 meter long tubing with Universal Adapter which connects to all oxygen sources. Elastic strap ensures a better fit.
Designed for comfortable fitting with soft material. Newly designed softer tubing connector for easier fit Strap ends are secured to prevent mask separation
Adjustable nose clip. Cotton coated strap provides patient comfort
Packaged in easy-open perforated bags. Latex free

Dr. Maa Medical Simple Pediatric Oxygen Mask is a clear soft vinyl mask with a cotton coated strap. Each latex free mask comes in an easy-open perforated bag. The adjustable nose clip and elastic strap help to insure proper usage. Each mask comes with 7 feet of oxygen tubing attached

Directions For Use:

NOTE: These directions are general guidelines intended for use by qualified medical personnel.

» Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the oxygen source and set the oxygen to the prescribed flow

» Check for oxygen flow throughout the device 

» Place the mask on the patient‘s face with elastic strap below the ears and around the neck

» Mold the metal strip on the mask to fit the nose