Multi Usable 2PCS Silicone Coaster Square, Car Dashboard Anti-Slip-resistant Pad, Dining Table Mat



2pcs Silicone Pot Holders For Easy Handling Of Hot Pots, Pans, Oven Trays And More.
Multi purpose silicone trivet mat / pot holder / placemat / hot pad / coaster.
Non-stick, easy to clean and wear-resistant
Anti-slip design
Silicone Body And Honeycomb Design For Easy Grip And Safe Handling. Twists and Bends for proper grip and perfect for repeated tasks.

Silicone Body And Ridges For Easy Grip And Safe Handling. Twists And Bends For Proper Grip And Perfect For Repeated Tasks.Adds Style and Elegance to Your Dinner Table. Protects the Table from Scratches, Hot Utensils.Provides a Non-Slip Surface for Your Precious Cookware, Crockery and Other Items. Multiple Uses As Pot Holder, Trivet, Jar Opener And Spoon Rest. Oven Safe. Freezer Safe. Dishwasher Safe