Healthsense Nano-Cure FS550 Facial Steamer and Medical Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Nano-Ionic Technology (White/Pink)



Child safe: nano-cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet and hence safe to be used by kids and adults provides efficient therapy for respiratory ailments and improves sensory capabilities in children
Health benefits: alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis and other breathing disorders, clears nasal passage to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu and bronchitis
Powerful nano steam: produces fine nanometre sized steam with negatively charged ions resulting in 10x more effective and faster absorption, consistent and wide steam flow covers entire face
UV sterilized hot steam: the steam passes through a UV lamp to ensure hygiene while the skin and nasal passage is being treated, ceramic PTC heating element ensures fast heating within 40 seconds
Silent operation and auto-off: nano-cure is virtually quiet when operating, so you can enjoy your steaming session therapy without distractions, the device turns off automatically when tank is empty
Lightweight and portable: the elegantly designed handle makes it portable to any desired storage or usage area, it is also lightweight so you can effortlessly carry it along anywhere and everywhere

Healthsense nano-cure facial ionic steam inhaler and vaporizer. This steamer uses advanced nano ionic steam technology and segmented atomization system to generate soothing, hot-spring like waves of ionic steam particles 4, 000 times finer than traditional steam to penetrate and moisturize the skin. The nano-steam not only provides you with deep and thorough cleansing experience by opening pores, but also moisturizes the skin and stimulates circulation in the face. Besides, the stylish, compact and hand-held design allows you to steam your face and keep a healthy, natural-looking complexion whenever you want and wherever you go.