BodyTech Thick Unbreakable Glass Electronic Digital Body Weighing Scale



The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power
Auto-off function,automatic zero resetting, overload indicator, room temperature indicator
High quality precision sensors
Best use for personal, health check, gym, home

This digital thick glass weighing scale measures weight in kilograms (KG) and equipped with high precision strain gauges and load cell sensors that ensure accurate reading every time when you use it. The thick glass of this weighing machine is virtually unbreakable with normal use (for human weight up to 150 kgs) that ensures long lasting and also gives it an attractive look. Another smart feature about this digital weighing scale is its auto power:on and auto shut:off. Just a tap on the glass with your foot starts and once the weighing is done, you step off and the machine will turn off; it saves battery and adds value to its advanced technical features. The machine has a large digital lcd that makes reading easy and convenient. Features: high precision strain gauge sensor system, 6mm thick tempered glass, capacity:150 kg, graduation:100gm, auto on, auto zero, auto off, over load indication, low battery indication. Good quality budget scale