Jwxstore J0416001 Tourniquet Tactical Emergency Outdoors Spinning Military One-Handed Medical First Aid Equipment, Black, 2 Piece



Cat tourniquet, spin tournament tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet, one hand operation, fast and practical, accidental scratches, cut, hemostasis effect. The tourniquet uses a durable winch system that has a free-moving inner band that provides true round pressure to the lower limbs.

Military use of tourniquets, safe and reliable!Color: Black, Material: Polyester, Product Size: 3.8 x 95cm.Apply to emergency, Waiting for the rescue! Bring time to save lives!Snap-lock buckle design, non-latex, small and cost effective, one hand operation, fast and practical.Applicable to arms, thighs and so on; Flexible, universal fit, Can be used again after disinfection.