Why hospital furniture shouldn’t all be about the price

It’s no secret that for suppliers to the UK’s hospital sector competition is fierce. It can be a cut-throat business where the smallest of advantages can clinch the deal. In the high-pressure drive to bag a sale, it can often be the customer who loses out in the long run. 

Although at first, hospitals may be happy to have shaved a few pounds off the total price it can come at a cost. In the rush to secure a deal, the importance of building lasting partnerships can be forgotten.

The customer may not have had ample opportunity to discuss their requirements fully and explore all options. In general, when many businesses lower price points it tends to be driven by cost engineering, this impacts product quality negatively, the business wins as they maintain margins, however, the customer loses out. 

Being able to speak with an expert professional who knows the individual customer, their hospital, the wider market and the product options can be hugely valuable. They will take the time to explore all of the options and ensure the hospital invests in the product that they actually need rather than what they think they need. 

Procurement and sales are part of the same interaction and require trust, collaboration and understanding to create a successful partnership that delivers true best value for all stakeholders. 

That’s what sets Ocura Healthcare Furniture apart. Although I’ve been here for just a couple of months, the team’s culture and dedication to working in partnership with NHS Trusts and private hospitals groups throughout the UK really shines through. Time and again we hear from customers thanking us for going the extra mile. 

The team has a deep understanding of the hospital environment both from their history of working with hospitals and from personal experience. By listening, researching and investing in product development we ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation - enabling us to deliver furniture that’s fit for the modern hospital environment. 

What’s more, the supportive ‘partner style’ relationship is aligned to our customer’s processes, ensuring the journey from initial enquiry through delivery and installation to invoicing is as simple as possible - allowing our customer more time to focus on their vital role of caring for the nation’s health. 

From large scale new build projects to urgent single items the team puts customers at the heart of everything they do, I am proud to be part of the Ocura family, a business that is standing head and shoulders above the rest.