Team Health Support

About Us

In this fast growing world with ever changing food and human culture, a  health advisor has become a necessity to keep our health condition on track. The Health Support, a joint venture by Jibin, Sumesh and Rakesh Karunan, is providing such an assistance to the people who demands medical devices and health tips at a swipe. The Health Support literally focuses on providing the best health support online, which will impart the clients comfort and satisfaction. The company is a derivative of the parent institution, Jagadeva Enterprises pvt ltd, with years of experience in the medical field. This endeavor is the prime step in the global expansion of the team. The transparency and smoothness of online business, where credits has got no place, attracted the team to set their foot on the online affiliate platform. Having a bright background in the medical filed as a physiotherapist graduate and an Associate professor at Kannur medical college, Jibin has got a great vision in implementing this project. The co-association of Sumesh, who has also got a prominent medical career, and  Rakesh Karuna, an entrepreneur with 15 years plus experience in the business field, boosts the virtue of the company.

Why The Health Support

The Health Support presents an umpteen pieces of medical devices and surgical equipments, which are of high quality and of the best brands worldwide. More than this, the company provides the necessary health tips to keep your health on track. Being an online platform, we assure you round the clock service each and every day. Another unique feature that we put forward is the product price comparison service, by which the product price of different online stores can be compared. In this state of being, where things are fast moving and growing, people demands a personal health assistance which can be accessed at any point of time, which is enabled by The Health Support. We are unique since we provide the hand-picked collection of the most recommended and needed  medical products globally. Fellow beings can also get to know the doctor’s advices and suggestions regarding several health cases through our blogs. We also develop a social awareness among the global audience on the importance of being physically fit and healthy. By providing this best means of assistance in the health sector, we heartfully fulfills  our social commitment.


The Health Support, as the name suggests, intend to provide best quality medical  products along with personal health assistance for the people worldwide.


   The Health Support is the prime step in the global expansion of the medical business, which has been carried out by the team for years. Our vision is to get acclaimed as the best international group providing prime quality medical and surgical equipment assisted with health tips and advice.